Numbers can be impressive. 1060 patients, 245 accepted Christ, and 216 were very interested, desiring follow-up visits. But the stories behind each one of these individuals is what impressed us and surely delighted God’s heart during the 4 days we held clinic in the Philippines.

Our team of 2 left LAX to meet up with a Filipino team that included 3 doctors, 1 pharmacist, and 6 medical students (who had ever done a missions trip before). Sometimes we find that the real ministry goes to the next generation of nurses and doctors. All 6 medical students gave their lives or rededicated themselves to Christ on our trip. Each left with a passion to get their degrees, pass their boards, to get back out and serve. It was an emotional last meal as these students revealed their life stories, their struggles, and their new desire to give back even while still in school. During

the week, they faithfully showed up at 6:45 for devotions, worked until 5, then did homework until late in the night. It was fun to hear their perspectives of the clinic as they were experiencing many new things for the first time.

Each morning we set up clinic in a new location around the Tobacco City area. Whether we were in a school gymnasium or on a dirt floor under the shade of a tarp, we were met by appreciative locals lining up for medical care, medicine or eyeglasses. Pastor Daniel provided us with a team of helpers who not only assisted us with registration and eyeglasses, but had a group who lovingly evangelised every patient that walked into our clinic. Each person heard that they were loved by a God who sent His Son to save them from their sin. Tears were shed. Hugs were shared. Smiles eased the furrowed brows of many who had carried years of shame and guilt.

Doctor GeeJay was able to take time from his diagnosis and introduce Christ to a woman who had heard about Him from her sister for years, but wanted nothing to do with

God. . . until this day, when a gentle doctor cared about her eternal health as much as the daily physical ailments she was dealing with. Spiritual seeds that had been sewn years earlier and prayed over, were blooming in our midst.

Doctor Glo, the loving teacher to her students was instrumental in one of our favorite “God Moments.” Our third day of clinic was to be held in a tiny outdoor area (which later in the day flooded when the rains came). A school, adjacent to the property, had refused to allow us to utilize even one room on the property. Dr. Glo, with her tenacious personality, found the principal of the school and convinced him to allow us two rooms. We celebrated our new location, thrilled to avoid a potentially muddy floor. Like a team of marching ants in procession, we moved all our equipment next door.

But the true miracle came at lunchtime. A third classroom, occupied by a teacher grading papers, refused to allow us into her room. Michele wanted no part of our Christian ministry near her. But after a morning of seeing our work, hear the evangelisers outside her window, she softened and allowed us into her room for lunch. We were a tired, sweat drenched group of workers praising the Lord for the work that had been done thus far. We shared stories of the sweet locals that received not only medication, but a new found Saviour whom they were excited to learn more about. We even found the energy to laugh and sing songs from The Greatest Showman (who would have thought). After we returned to our jobs, Michele asked Dr. Glo who we were and why we were helping the people. Sharing the foundational truths on which His Healing Hands stands, Michele asked if she too could receive Christ.

In addition, the Principal who had been hesitant before, was excited to see us return next year.

“So my word that comes from my mouth will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I please and will prosper in what I send it to do.” Isaiah 55:11

Once again, God faithfully showed up and exceeded all our expectations in a tiny corner of the world called Tobacco City, Philippines.

-Mike and Jacquelyn Jangaard