Support From Home

Not everyone wants or is able to go across the world as an evangelist, missionary worker, or health practitioner, but everyone can help from home: prayer, packing supplies, helping raise money for medical supplies and equipment, and a variety of other tasks that are critical to our work at HHH.

Please join the HHH Home Team —


All our projects need prayer that:

  • Financial needs will be met.
  • God will raise up volunteers both here and abroad to provide clinics and to disciple believers.
  • Teams will have safe travel.
  • Officials abroad will have favor on our projects allowing them to proceed unhindered.
  • Opportunities to share the love of Christ will be provided in abundance and people will have open minds and hearts to the gospel message.
  • Individuals, corporations and/or foundations will commit to supporting the work of HHH on a regular basis.

Financial Support for Medical Supplies

We have the opportunity to continue reaching remote villages around the world.

Our goal this year is to physically treat at least 6,000 unreached people and spread the Gospel to at least an additional 1,500.

The challenge is to provide the medical, dental and vision supplies for the teams. We need to raise about $43,500 ($6.00 per patient)

Purchase Medical Supplies

Perhaps you’d like purchase medical supplies for use on one or more of our medical mission trips.
For each trip, we need to purchase medical supplies such as over the counter medications, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, face masks, and exam gloves.
You can donate these items by selecting them from our Amazon Wish List and having them shipped directly to our office. We are happy to provide you with an “in-kind” donation letter for any supplies you purchase.