Customized for Churches

We offer churches the opportunity to take advantage of His Healing Hands ministry specialization of short term medical missions, to help accomplish a church’s Great Commission goals in their foreign mission activities.

We offer our expertise free of charge and with no expectations of anything in return. We will seek to partner with churches for 3-5 years working in a foreign mission location of their choice as they plant or strengthen a church or accomplish other Great Commission goals in their foreign mission ministry.

His Healing Hands will offer the following services as part of a ministry partnership so that there will be very little impact on the time required from church leadership to prepare for the ministry.

We will assist the church in recruiting and training its members to staff short term medical ministry teams.

We will assist the church leadership in selecting a suitable foreign missions location for the medical outreach.

We will make visits to the foreign mission location in advance of the actual mission trip to meet with and prepare the local church to use the short term medical mission in an effective way to accomplish their Great Commission goals.

We will provide all the medicine, equipment and supplies needed by the short term medical teams.

We will provide all the logistics and coordination including travel planning and purchasing for the short term ministry team.

We will provide a qualified and experienced team leader to accompany the short term team during their trip.

If desired we will collect all funds from team members or their donors and provide them with appropriate receipts to use when filing their income tax returns.