“Hey, Will! We’ve got an old lady here who’s having trouble breathing. Should she come in first?” she said. He looked at her silently for a bit, like he usually does when thinking about a proper answer, then said “Sure!” This now broke the routine we had became accustomed to, as this was the second day of ‘His Healing Hands’ movement, and the second day I was the personal translator of Dr. Will. She came in and was in critical state. As a programmer I do not know much when it comes to the medical field, I could see for myself she was in a bad condition. Will’s countenance showed deep concern for the woman’s state, 40 breaths per minute. There was no time to wait, we called for an ambulance. In our country, ambulances take their time to arrive, as there are simply not enough of them to cover every case. It took so long for them to arrive, the woman got up and said, almost crying, “I can’t stand it any more, I’m going home!” She had children, and we asked them about her medicine and it turned out that she didn’t know how to properly take her medicine. Will gave her a proper dose and she got better until the local doctors arrived.

I’ll never forget Will’s words on the case: “It was a divine appointment we got here today. If we were not here, she would have died.” Now I see why he became a doctor. This thrill of saving a life, this reward of saving a life, it was unknown to me until that moment. Things like that don’t happen every day. In fact, who knows, may not happen in my life for a long time, if ever.

I met the HHH volunteers every day, for a whole week. Four days I was a translator, and the 5th day they visited my home for dinner. I especially liked to be around them to hear them speak the “proper English.” It’s something else to hear it live, not on Skype or Messenger or whatever. This week changed me, it changed the way I see the world, they influenced me. Will influenced me the most, and I notice sometimes I show slight behaviors resembling his and I believe I was changed for the better.

In my life, I usually revere and respect God for how he writes stories. Many times there was “the right person at the right time”, and I think he orchestrated that week exactly how it happened, a perfect and brilliant story. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change any of it. It was one of the best weeks of my life. And I also feel the best way I can respect that story and what he did in that story is by telling the story—or parts of the story—naturally, as it was.

P.S. One more thing I want to note is that Diane [our HHH Nurse Practitioner] said she’d adopt me as her son. This came to me as a surprise. I am really glad I was able to bond with them so well, though it was only a work-week, a mere 5 days. I love you, team!

Kind regards with God’s blessings, Emanuel Truta