I’m writing to you today to let you know about an urgent need for our host church in the Philippine Islands. You may have read or heard about the current eruption of the Mt. Mayon volcano in the Albay province on the island of Luzon. It happens that the church we have been partnering with for the past 2 years, is in the town of Tabaco City which is about 5 miles from the volcano’s crater. Our host pastor there is Daniel Cabria and he sent me an email this week asking for our help. Here is his email,

“Greetings from the brethren of Baptist Bible Church Tabaco City, Albay Philippines. May this email find you enjoying the riches of God’s blessings on you and to the HHH ministry.

Although the Mayon volcano keeps its eruption, we are safe by the grace of God. Only our plantations and some are getting sick due to ashfall. Our brethren in Barangay Nagsipit are all in evacuation centers because they are in 6 kilometer danger zone the military force them to vacate their houses and brought them to safe area.

They need food assistance for they cannot work in their farm because they are not allowed to go back to their place while the volcano is erupting for their safety. The relief good being supply to entire evacuees by the government are not enough to sustain their need so all of us are working together to augment and give some help. We are conducting counseling and evangelism to some the centers for them to comfort and give them the gospel. Yesterday, we gave some medicine to the medical center that are in the center for they lack medical supply.

Sir Carl, I know you have a big heart to our people if you could send us some financial assistance we will be very happy. According to the news the eruption will probably last for more than a month so we are looking for some assistance from your good office to consider us of our request

In His Service, Pastor Daniel Cabria”

Barangay Nagsipit is a small village where our teams have been doing medical clinics in support of a new church Daniel’s church has planted there. The entire village has had to be evacuated as it is in the very shadow of the volcano!

I am asking you to consider answering Pastor Daniel’s plea for help taking care of those affected by the Mayon eruptions. For them, this is a tremendous opportunity to give people direct physical aid in the form of food and medicine while at the same time sharing the love of Christ.

I promise that every dollar you give will be sent to Pastor Daniel and will be used to help the people of the Albay province during their crisis. As you give please pray for Pastor Daniel and his church and for those who have been injured or displaced by the volcano.

Carl Dawson


P.S. You can make your donation buy using the enclosed form and envelope or electronically at our website by choosing, “Mayon Volcano Relief”, from the drop down menu.