After our last ministry to India in 2014, our host, Pas- tor John Ishmael, advised us not to return for a while as the political situation had changed. A more militant Hindu majority government had been elected and they threatened to make life very difficult for any faith in India other than Hindus.

“After 2 years a new more open minded government is in place making it safe again for Christian to do min- istry in India. Pastor Ishmael shares his thought about the ministry below.

His Healing Hands returned to India after a gap of 2 years. Though the team planned to return to India after their last visit in 2014, they were unable to come back to India due to some unavoidable circumstances. We are blessed to have HHH again in India for the medical ministry for two days in Visakhapatnam and another two days in Bangalore.

Many patients who were totally ignorant of their health condition through these clinics discovered that they were Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar patients. Those who were suffering wheezing problem received free expensive and effective inhalers. and other patients were given free medi- cines as per their sickness. The children were given vitamin tablets. The team also set up eye glasses counter and gave away hundreds of pairs of glasses to far-sighted and near- sighted patients. More than 900 patients visited the clinics during the four-day clinics for consultation, medicines and eye glasses absolutely free.

The medical ministry included two volunteer evangelists who were present the entire day of the clinics to share the Gospel with the people and pray for those who needed pray- er. At the end of the four-day clinics we had on our list the names of 536 people who desired prayer. The local evange- lists were chosen from different local churches in the vicinity and they will continue to speak to these people and will help to connect to the local churches close to their homes. Please pray that these people will make a firm commitment to the Lord. Often, they hesitate to make a public confession due to the pressure from the family or society, so they prefer to remain secret believers. So sometimes it is hard to get the actual number of those who were saved during the clinics, but eternity will reveal the number of people saved because of our hard work in winning souls for Christ through these clinics.

We praise the Lord for the ministry of medical team which was a great blessing to the patients as well as to some local churches. We are grateful to each member of the team to make tremendous sacrifice through their time, money and in various other ways to undertake this mission trip. Please pray the Lord will open the doors for His Healing Hands to return to India in the coming year and make regular visits in the years to come. “

-Pastor John Ishmael

Testimonies from 2017 India Team Members

“…and there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.” Luke 21:11

Jesus gave this end time prophesy, when asked about the signs of the end of the age. The Greek word; phobetron,is translated terror. For the past twenty years there have been thousands of incidents of Islamic terrorism perpetrated on the world. The world, based on their world view has used diplomacy, protectionist measures, threats, and counter-terrorism to no avail.

“His Healing Hands” just returned from a medical missionary trip to India and treated 910 patients, and witnessed directly with the Good News to 500 of those poor people; the majority of which were Muslim. These Muslim followers were very grateful for our care and very much surprised that Christians would give them help and hope, while asking nothing in return. Their Imams give them no social services. No medical care, no hope for the future and no assurance of eternal life. They are taught to hate the heathen, the Jew, and the Christians. This hatred is manifested by terrorism and murder.

I doubt that these people we treated with free medical care will look at Christians the same way again. “His Healing Hands” uses medical care to gather people as a tool to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a needy un- loved world. God is love and we can be His hands to demonstrate that love in a very concrete way.

I don’t know how many of these people will see the “light” and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior but I do know, we have had the privilege and opportunity and honor to present Jesus and the Holy Spirit has used us as ambassadors of the Most High God. This is my calling, which the apostle Paul says we should live up to.

If it’s your calling, won’t you live up to it and come and join us, or support us, or pray for us, on our future trips to the glory of God.

-Dr. Warren Frankel

I treated one Hindu lady, and she was interested in going to heav- en. She said, however, that she has a Hindu husband, and is afraid that if she becomes a Christian that he will be mean to her. We prayed together.

I had another lady that hadn’t been able to turn her neck for about 5 years. I treated her neck, and it gave a loud “pop.” She was an adult, but she still screamed MAMA! Tears welled up in her eyes as she got off the table. She then contorted her body in a variety of positions, even putting her head between her knees and twisting around. She then stood up straight, looked at me, and said , “It’s GONE.!” She was really excited!

Another Hindu lady that had her husband abandon her, after treat- ing her for a bad knee (which got great relief) we prayed together for God to guide her.

My best story is that while driving to the church in Bangalore, John Ishmael told me, “In this town they call you ‘The Angel” because when you came last time 4 years ago, you treated an old lady. She had been walking with a cane for years, and after just one treatment she has never used the cane since. She prays for you every day.” THAT was encouraging! You never know the effect of what you do!

-Dr. George Harris