Wouldn’t it be fantastic if our pharmacy had a pill that would cure everything from a hangnail to cancer? The people who come to our clinics would be ecstatic! These medicines and the other care patients receive, such as glasses, dresses for girls, hygiene kits do bring about 1,000 people per mission trip to our clinics. Many might otherwise never come into a church. More importantly than these gifts, however, is the opportunity for them to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to make him their Savior! 

Did You Know?

Each medical team brings everything they will need to provide for the physical needs of patients who visit the clinics. This includes medications, glasses, dresses, hygiene kits, and supplies such as bandages, gloves, stethoscopes, masks, and simple diagnostic testing supplies. The current cost for these supplies is $11.25 per patient. Each team sees, on average, 1,000 patients in the course of a one-week clinic.

For a team to have the opportunity to share the life-changing message of the Gospel with those 1,000 patients requires $11,250 to cover the cost of medications and other supplies. You can help jumpstart 2024 by helping to fully fund the first trip of 2024.

Your gift of $56 allows 5 people to hear the Gospel message.

A gift of only $112 gives 10 people the message of salvation.

Imagine this: 45 new brothers and sisters in Christ because of your generous gift of $500!

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If you prefer, you may text your gift by sending the keyword Jumpstart to 805-262-8404.