A teary-eyed Filipino patient told a US nurse, “I never thought [imagined] people would come to my community to bring us medicine and to help save us. All the way from America. It’s like the movies!”

Imagine-having the privilege of providing medical care, glasses, clothing, and personal hygiene items to more than 3,500 people in four cities; more than half of whom are children aged 3 months to 17 years old. For many of them, it will be the only time in the year when they will be able to visit a doctor or dentist, receive medicine, receive glasses, receive love and attention.

Imagine-little girls whose faces light up when they are offered a brand-new dress-perhaps the first time they are receiving something that is not a hand-me-down.

Imagine-schoolboys whose faces exude joy when they receive a pair of glasses that will enable them to see clearly for the first time.

Imagine-teen-age girls whose faces beam when they receive a hygiene kit that will help them manage their monthly cycle so that they are able to attend school every day of the month instead of only 3 weeks each month.

Imagine-faces of moms and dads showing deep gratitude for the care that is provided to their children with no expectation of payment.

Imagine-being able to hear your daddy’s heartbeat and then being told that his heart beats for you and will beat for you forever.

Imagine-being 10 years old and the main support for your family because your older brother and your dad have debilitating injuries that prevent them from holding a good paying job. Imagine coming to a clinic and receiving medicine for your illness without the need to pay for it.

-being able to provide these things for one child in each of the four cities served by His Healing Hands with your donation of only $29! Making it a monthly gift provides medicine, glasses, a dress, a hygiene kit, other medical supplies, and hope to serve 48 kids each year!

Imagine-your donation automatically increased so that 110% of your donation will be used to provide these gifts. A generous champion of His Healing Hands has committed to personally add 10% to each Imagine donation received between now and December 31.

Make your tax-deductible donation today by clicking this link or scanning the QR code.

If you prefer, you may text your donation using the keyword Imagine to 805-262-8404.

You may also mail a check payable to His Healing Hands to 1050 Las Tablas Rd #5, Templeton, CA 93465. Remember to write Imagine on the memo line.