His Healing Hands has now had more than 10 years of ministry experience in Peru in 5 different districts. We’ve provided medical care for thousands and seen nearly 1,200 people profess Christ for the first time. While that is fantastically encouraging, the is one very troubling statistic we have also learned.

Cervical cancer is the number one cause of cancer deaths among women in Peru. While in the United States it is 2.2 per 100,000 women. The cervical cancer mortality rate in Peru is nearly 27 per 100,000 women. The mortality rate for women in Peru is more than 10 times that of women in the USA.

We believe the reason for the high rate of cervical cancer in Peru is the lack of access and reluctance of women to come into a medical office to do their screening tests.

His Healing Hands wants help address this health need in Peru. Dr. Richard Liu, a member of our board of directors, is working hand in hand with HHH, health department officials in Peru, and the local church to establish a permanent Women’s Health Clinic in Tarapoto, Peru.

The new clinic will provide advanced cancer screening to all women in the greater San Martin district, free of charge and will then refer them to medical professionals who can provide treatment for those who show signs of pre-cancerous cells. With proper treatment the cancer can then often be prevented.

This new His Healing Hands ministry will be called, “His Healing Hands of San Martin”.

We have completed to applications and legal work needed to establish the Charity Association in Peru and are now working with a local architect to draw up plans for the interior improvements.

You can help in two ways: 1) Pray that the next steps of completing the plans and getting the necessary approvals to begin the interior improvements an be properly and quickly accomplished so that we can move ahead with getting the new clinic operational; 2) Prayerfully consider making a donation to assist with the costs associated with getting the clinic operational.

Make your tax deductible donation by clicking the button below. You may also text your donation by sending the keyword SanMartin and the amount you wish to donate to 805-262-8404.