“Hallelujah, God above it all; hallelujah, God unshakeable; Hallelujah You have done great things!”

This perfectly describes our recently completed Ethiopia trip, the first post-COVID mission trip to that country. From the start, the enemy was at work throwing roadblocks in our way. As Team Leader, there were many times that I felt “shakeable” and unequal to the task before me; however, each time a seemingly insurmountable obstacle arose, our God rose above it all and made a way for us to move forward.

The entire team rose to the challenge and overcame every roadblock by calling on our unshakeable God through fervent prayer. From last minute eVisa applications made while waiting to board the plane to having supplies impounded by customs to aircraft engine failure on the return trip, God rose above it all and did great things!

We ended the week having seen 700 men, women, & children; 50 of whom became new believers! 400 new Bibles in the local language were given to both new believers as well as current believers. 100 little girls received new dresses. 60 teen girls received the gift of a fourth week of school each month now that they have a way to manage their monthly cycle. 60 women received feminine hygiene kits.