All of us at His Healing Hands are blessed to be able to tell you about our newest ministry. Its name is Manos Sanadoras San Martin. That translates to His Healing Hands of San Martin.

This name is given because the ministry is located in the Peruvian state of San Martin.

As you know His Healing Hands has been sending short term medical mission teams to Peru for many years. In 2019 Dr. Richard Liu joined our medical teams for the first time. Richard is one of the doctors working for the Kaiser Permanente company in southern California and is part of a team there who have been on the cutting edge of preventing cervical cancer.

One of the things learned by researchers over the past decade is that HPV in women is a strong indicator that cervical cancer cells may be present. Therefore, HPV testing is the best way to learn if a woman is at risk for cervical cancer.

While Dr. Liu has been working with His Healing Hands, he has learned that cervical cancer is one of the leading causes of premature death in women in Peru. In fact, the death rate from it is 10 times higher than in the United States! Part of the reason for this is that HPV testing is not a routine part of women’s health care in Peru.

After joining the HHH Board of Directors, Dr. Liu brought the idea of building a clinic in Peru with the sole purpose of providing free HPV testing to women there. In addition, it would provide initial medical services intended to prevent the cancer from developing.

The HHH board of directors adopted his idea in the early part of this year and the process of raising the needed funds to buy and retrofit a building in Tarapoto, Peru to house the clinic was begun. Thanks to friends of the ministry all the funds needed to buy the building and prepare it for use as a medical clinic were donated and the building will be finished, equipped and ready to accept our first patients early in 2023!

Now our biggest challenge is to raise the money needed for the ongoing regular daily operations of the clinic. To give the clinic a healthy start we are asking God to provide the first year’s operational costs before we start.

Compared to here in the United States, the costs of giving the women in Peru this life saving service is incredibly inexpensive. For example, we can hire an obstetrician for about $1,200 per month! A registered nurse receives about $600 per month! We estimate the monthly cost to operate the clinic to be $5,880.
Our target is to provide full testing and treatment for 240 women each month. That is a cost of only $24.50 for each woman treated!

Early detection of HPV and the preventive treatments save lives!

We are also engaging with local churches to provide volunteer Christian counselors at the clinic so each woman can also learn about Christ and those who test positive can receive prayer and counseling in addition to the treatment to prevent the cancer.

Manos Sanadoras San Martin wants to provide this life saving medical care for women in Peru without cost to them. This can only be done if you will partner with us. Most of us do not have the expertise or experience to go to Peru to help the women there. If you do, and you want to spend some time in Peru treating them, please let us know. We will have opportunities for you to do that.

If you cannot go, you can still save the lives of women in Peru by giving them the testing and treatment they need. Our prayer is you will consider making a monthly donation so that we do not have to turn any woman away because of a lack of funds. $24.50 per month will provide care for 1 woman, $122.50 will provide for 5 women, $245.00 monthly for 10 women.

Please pray about joining with His Healing Hands in this life saving ministry!

You can make donations through our website donation portal at:

Select “San Martin HHH Clinic” from the drop down “Funds” list.

If you prefer, you may text your gift by texting the keyword SanMartin and the amount you wish to give to 805-262-8404.

Donations can also be mailed to our office, the address is His Healing Hands, 1050 Las Tablas Rd, Templeton, CA 93465.

Your prayers are as important as your giving for this new ministry. Specifically pray for the building construction to be finished on time and on budget. Pray for our team to find the perfect doctor and nurses in Peru to staff the clinic. Pray that the local medical community will embrace the clinic and send their patients to receive the free testing and treatment.

We look forward to sharing the stories of some of the women who’s lives have been impacted by Manos Sanadoras San Martin!

His Healing Hands
Board of Directors

Warren Frankel
Mike Garman
Sandy Garman
Mike Goodman
Richard Liu
Jack Hardy
Karen Games