His Healing Hands normally ends our year with a medical ministry to India. While the COVID situation in that country is getting better, and they have announced they will allow foreign travelers to visit India beginning this month, there is simply not enough time for us to make the preparations needed to send a team.

So we contacted all of our other ministry partners to see if they might invite His Healing Hands to join them before the end of the year.

Pastor Jorge Moncada in Maneadero, Mexico responded by inviting us to partner with them in their annual Christmas outreach.

Each year his church provides a Christmas party for very poor migrant farm workers in his town. They have pinatas for the kids and the great Christmas dinner for everyone. They send toys home with the parents so they can give their children a gift or two under the Christmas tree. They also give each family what they call a “Christmas pantry”. This is a box of groceries that will allow them to make a traditional Mexican Christmas dinner for their family.

The church has set a goal of providing the toys and Christmas pantries for 100 families. The cost of these for each family is $47!

In addition to Christmas Party, the pantries and toys His Healing Hands will also provide a full medical dental exam for each member of every family. We will also provide them with any medicine they need and eye glasses they may need.

Imagine providing an entire family a fantastic Christmas celebration for only $47! On top of that, the local church will take the time to share the love and salvation of Jesus with each family member.

Please consider making a donation to His Healing Hands for this Christmas in Maneadero Ministry!