Praise God, His Healing Hands is looking forward to a full ministry schedule in 2022!

Nearly every country served by the short-term medical teams is now opened to receive foreign visitors following nearly 2 years of restricted entry due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The one exception for now is India. However, in India we are not prevented from ministering there because of Covid restrictions but rather by their government who is very hostile to Christians. Our host in India has told us that for now it is too dangerous for Christian team to come to India to do ministry. Sadly, this is not a rare occurrence in India. Please pray for the Christians there and especially for our host, whose name I will not share because India has teams of people who actively search online to find references to Christians in India so they can be attacked.

So, we have a ministry schedule that includes to sending teams to Ethiopia, The Philippines, Mexico and 2 teams to Peru. 5 opportunities to provide free medical care and more importantly, to share the good news of Jesus Christ with people around the world!

Please pray about starting a monthly donation to His Healing Hands as during the pandemic many of the medicines and supplies we had on hand to support the medical teams has expired and will all have to be replaced. His Healing Hands has always look to and taken advantage of discounts when they are available so that we can stretch the dollars you have so generously donated. We continue to do this, but with the current supply chain problems and the severe inflation it is costing more to provide the full pharmacy of medicine and medical supplies to properly equip each team.

The medical clinics are the bridge that allow us to share the Gospel with each of the patients treated. So please consider a regular gift to make sure each patient has the medicine they need and will hear the love of Christ!