Giving Tutorials

Text-to-Give Tutorial

Text Giving Instructions

  • Using your mobile device, text GIVE to (805) 262-8404 (Be sure to save this number to your Contacts as His Healing Hands so you have it handy for future gifts)

  • If you already have a donor profile set up with us that includes your cell phone number, this will return the following message: “To give, simply respond with your gift amount. For example: ‘100’ or ‘250’ or set up a recurring gift with this link.”

  • If we do not have your cell phone number as part of your donor profile OR if this is your first time giving to His Healing Hands, you’ll receive a link from us.

  • Click “sign in” then “Register for an account”

  • Complete the registration to receive your secure PIN.

  • Select the fund, enter the donation amount and payment information. Tap “Save Payment” to use the same payment information for future gifts.

  • Other Text Commands:

Edit-Update your account and/or payment information

Keyword-See a list of Keywords towards which you may give

Refund-Made a mistake? Refund your last gift. (This command must be sued within 15 minutes of sending the text gift.)

Once you have registered for text giving, future gifts can be made in several ways:

  1. Text the word give and an amount. For instance, Give 100 will make a gift of $100.00 to the General Fund.

  2. Text the word give. This will return the following message: “To give, simply respond with your gift amount. For example: ‘100’ or ‘250’ or set up a recurring gift with this link.” Tapping the link will take you to a secure website where you may follow simple instructions to set up a recurring gift.

  3. Text a keyword and an amount. For instance, Scholarship 50 will make a gift of $50.00 to our Scholarship fund. To see a list of active keywords, text the word keyword.

Online Giving Tutorial

Online Giving Instructions

Navigate to the His Healing Hands website. From the homepage, click the Donate button in the upper right corner.

Click “sign in” then enter your Email Address and Password. Click sign in.

If you are a new giver, click “Register for an account” and complete the registration form. Please note, if you plan to give via text in the future, please provide your cell phone number in the space provided. Click register.

Select the fund and enter the donation amount. If you want your gift to be recurring, check the “Make this gift recurring” box.

If you would like to give to more than one fund, click “Add Donation”, select another fund, and enter the donation amount for that fund.

Once you enter a donation amount, the payment information screen appears. You have the option of using a credit or debit card or setting up an eCheck to make the donation. Enter the account information.

Click Submit.

Your payment information is saved to your profile. If you sign into your profile each time you give an online gift, you will not need to complete the payment information again as long as you use a registered payment method to make the gift.

Your donor profile also makes it easy to give via text or through the mobile app without completing the payment information again.

Mobile App Giving Tutorial

Mobile App Giving Instructions

Launch the app store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) from your device and search for Church by MinistryOne. Download the app for free for your iOS or Android device.

When you launch the app, search for His Healing Hands. When our name shows, tap it to load it onto your device.

Login or create a donor profile to make a gift.

Once logged in, make your donation by tapping the “+” icon.

Giving a Donation:

Enter your donation amount.

Select which fund you would like to donate to from the dropdown list.

Select Payment Method

Tap “Add new payment method” and add your card information and billing details or use the “Quick Scan” feature to scan your card information. You can also input your bank account and routing number to make an ACH/eCheck donation.

Choose your recurrence. You can give a one-time donation or setup a recurring donation from this menu.

Tap “Give” to process your donation

Other Features:

You can view your digital contribution history by tapping the History tab. Please note that gifts received via US Mail or dropped off at our office will not show in this history.

Donor profile settings can be adjusted by tapping the Settings tab.

Payment methods can be updated here.

Personal information (name, address) and Account details (email, password, and security pin) can be updated in this tab as well.